Getting Close to Comp: 3 Weeks Out!

This weekend marks 3 weeks to my first UKBFF competition next month. And as I sit curled up on the sofa, I can’t help but think of the journey so far and the tough days ahead.

Photo 2-13-16, 9 12 13 PM (15)I had been thinking about doing a competition for more than a year. Then in April 2015 I decided to do something about it. I got a PT and started tweaking my diet.

As with all beginnings it wasn’t easy. I had to learn how to lift weights with proper technique and how to isolate specific muscles. And although I considered myself fit and athletic (I had always been into sport!), my strength and stamina were tested to their limits.

I was sore, out of breath, and sometimes felt weak. I felt the burn during supersets. I had to learn to push through muscle fatigue and pain.

Things turned up a notch in November 2015. My training changed from high reps and heavy weights (bulking) to slow tempo and muscle tension. My macros were measured by the gram…

…and they still are! Over the last 4-5 months my body fat has dropped to around 8% and my strength has increased dramatically. My body  has transformed and areas which were hard to shape are now starting to lean out.

Photo 2-13-16, 9 12 13 PM (11)

Yet all this hard work is not without it’s price. As most people, I do have a life outside the gym – including a full-time job and working on this blog.

It is indeed a time-consuming hobby. I have had to give up other passions, such as yoga, dance and trekking. I am not spending as much time with friends as I want to. Why? Because I’m tired (and probably not getting enough sleep!). Any spare time I have I try to spend resting.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

There is still a way to go though. In these final 3 weeks my body is going to transform even further as my diet changes and my body fat drops further. As my carb consumption drops, so will my mood (as I am finding out from my low carb days when all I can think about is eating and sleeping!).

The final week will be the toughest I have been told. It will be the time when not only my physical strength, but also my mental toughness will be tested.


But I don’t want to dwell on it too much. The choice has been made. The work is almost done. And there is no turning back! I know I will be proud of achieving this goal.


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