Exercise of the Week: Narrow Stance Leg Press


“Don’t discount the leg press just because it doesn’t involve a barbell. Every variation can help grow massive legs.” – T-Nation

Foot placement is crucial if you want to target the legs in different places i.e. the quads, hamstrings, gluteus or inner, outer thighs.


High foot placement focuses more on the hamstrings and glutes and a lower placement focuses more on the quads but the width is also important.

In the video the focus is on the VMO also known as the teardrop, the much-coveted quad muscle located right above the kneecap.

In the leg press machine, assume a close stance and place your feet slightly lower on the platform. Keep your feet flat as you travel through the motion. Lower down keeping your lower back and glutes on the pad. Contract the quads, control the speed of your movement on the way down, and explode on the way up without locking the knees. This is very important in keeping good tension throughout entire set.

Give it a go and feel the BURN

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