Exercise of the week: Prowler Push

The prowler push can be used for variety of purposes like adding a size and strength to both the upper and lower body and conditioning to name few.

The concentric-only nature of prowler exercises provides less soreness, so can be performed more frequently. It works well at the end of a workout – one of the greatest finishers.

Here’s how it looks:

And here are a few tips:

  • Before you start make sure to get your posture correct. You want to drive the sled so that your spine is almost parallel to the ground.
  • Put enough weight you can push with good technique, so load a weight that feels appropriate for your strength and capabilities.
  • With a range of grips at different heights on the sled handles you can change up your training routine. A higher, lower, or wider grip will change the resistance points in your posterior chain.

Try and have fun with it   😉💪

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