Exercise of the week: Walking Lunges & Single Leg Deadlifts

Think leg exercises don’t get any harder than squats & deadlifts? Think again! Although these two exercises engage a lot of muscles and are downright exhausting, if you really want to feel the burn you should try walking lunges and deadlifts. Both exercises put more emphasis on one side than the other, as you alternate between each leg. Single-leg training increases hamstring strength, corrects left-right strength and size asymmetries, and helps with balancing the proportions of your body.

So ready to give it a try? Check out the exercise descriptions and videos below:

Dumbbell Walking Lunges
Take long strides to really work the hamstrings and glutes. To increase posterior chain activation get to the floor as low as possible and initiate the lift by squeezing the glutes.

Dumbbell Deadlift Walk
Keep your front leg extended pushing your hips back, lower yourself with slightly arched back. Feel the hamstrings of the front leg loaded. On the lift up push your front heel to the ground squeezing the glutes as hard as possible.


Coming up next week…

We will still focus on the posterior chain, however we’re moving up! It’s time for some back exercises.


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