Life Outside The Gym

Last week I wrote about why I decided to do a fitness competition and challenge myself to take my health & fitness to the next level.

After reading that post you may be wondering whether all I do is count macros and workout on top of having a full time job.

Well I still do have a life (yes, really!) and do get to have fun… as long as I have prioritised and managed my time efficiently.

That new Star Wars movie got me like: “BB-8 I’ll save you!”

For example, I have 1 rest day mid-week which means that the evening before I can go to bed a bit later than usual. Typically that evening I would go out with friends for a movie or a good dose of laughter.

And then of course there are the weekends. Normally I split my weekends in two – rest & recreation. On the first day of the weekend I always try to do something fun and different. From karaoke to trekking – there’s always something to spice things up, especially if you have the right company.

See to truly enjoy the weekend it is important to be open minded and spontaneous. Example: yesterday was Christmas. My original plan didn’t go to plan (pun intended) but luckily a good friend of mine was invited to Christmas dinner party where I got to meet loads of interesting people and a snowman 😀

And on the second & last day of our (extremely short) weekend I try to get a bit of rest and get ready for the week ahead. Sometimes this would involve an early morning yoga class, followed by a bit of grocery shopping and other household tasks and ending with some quality time in bed or on the sofa with books & TV series 😀

See? There’s so much you can fit in 48 hours!


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