A day in the life of…

Many people ask me why I decided to do this fitness competition. They wonder why I put myself through strict food intake and training schedule. Why do I sacrifice certain things…

You see, to me it is not a sacrifice or a struggle. Is it hard at times? Yes, of course. But I see this as a personal challenge. I decided to challenge myself to be healthier, fitter and more confident (especially on stage). I challenged myself to get to know my body better and learn to appreciate it. And what is life without a bit of a challenge?

I do believe that in life we should always challenge ourselves to do better, learn new things and improve ourselves. Whether those challenges are ones which life throws at us (yes everyone has a struggle of some sorts) or whether they are ones we have consciously decided to set for ourselves, challenges are necessary for us to change and grow.

After the why’s come the how’s. How do I do what I do? How do I train? How do I prep my food? How do I keep going? Well let me take you through a typical training day.

My alarm goes off at 5.15am and I spend a few minutes wondering why am I doing this… Kidding! Although there are times when I do struggle to get out of bed so early I always remind myself of my goals and what I want to achieve. I have my first meal (out of 7) of the day and spend about 30 – 40 minutes stretching and practicing my stage routine. I then prepare my post-workout supplements and protein shake and get ready to hit the gym.

At 7am I meet my coach Adrianna and we start off our weight training session of the day. We are usually done by around 8am and after a short stretch, I get ready for work and take my post-workout shake.

I’m usually in the office by 9am and tend to stay there until… well until the work gets done or I get too tired – whichever comes first. Typically I would leave my desk between 7pm and 8pm, however there are days when I stay until 9.30pm. I have about 5 meals during my time in the office – a combination of protein and vegetables (with only the first meal having carbs).

Once I get home, I would prepare for the next day. Luckily I am currently using a meal prep company and rarely have to cook, however prior to this I would typically cook large batches on the weekend and freeze my meals (the only fresh meal back then was my evening tuna salad).

When all is set I have my last meal of the day in front of the telly or in bed with a book. I take my bedtime supplements and get ready for bed. I try to be in bed by 10pm, although if I have stayed late in the office I may not go to sleep until as late as 11.30pm.

So there you are – a typical day in my life. Not as hard as people would think, but not as exciting J I do however do spend some time on Tuesday nights with friends as my rest day is Wednesday and of course I make sure my weekends are packed with entertainment.

Do I have any regrets? No. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Do I miss anything? Well it’s all down to getting in to a routine… but I do miss freshly baked bread with butter (yup, on my list for next cheat meal!).

Can anyone do this? Of course! All you need is to find a motivating factor – something strong enough to pull you through the ups and downs of life (because there are always some obstacles on the way!) as you attempt to challenge yourself to be healthier and fitter.


A good way to finding a strong driving force is asking yourself everyday if you can go to bed knowing that you have done your best. This is a trick shared by crossfit athlete Camille Le Blanc who I had the please of meeting last month here in Dubai. So tonight, when you go to bed ask youreslf – are you proud of your daily achievements?

Yours truly,


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