Exercise of the week: Romanian Deadlift

Now that I am 14 and a half weeks out from the competition, training and nutrition are really starting to take the spotlight in my daily routine. Of course, training is key in getting my body ready for the stage takes a lot of hard work in the gym.

I always start my week with leg day since, as a female bikini competitor, it is important to have rounded hamstrings and glutes. Therefore, my trainer Adrianna has made sure that training posterior chain is a priority in my program. One of the crucial exercises to achieve this are deadlifts and there are a few variations.

This week we did the toes-elevated Romanian deadlift (RDL) version which makes it easier to tense and load the hamstrings, especially if you are very flexible. When performing the lift, it’s important to think of pushing the hips back and letting the torso bend forward in response to the hips moving backwards. This will maximally load the hamstrings. See the video below to get a better understanding:

In the next post you will find out a bit more about my nutrition and how that is another crucial factor in looking fab on stage.

Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Exercise of the week: Romanian Deadlift”

  1. Great blog! And nice article, I’m a big fan of the RDL myself, although I don’t personally do it (my DL mechanics as a taller PL’er tend to place emphasis on the lower back – variants such as RDL included!), but it’s the single greatest exercise for hamstring and glute development IMO. Definitely something I’d program ahead of everything else for the aforementioned reasons!

    Shameless Self Plug: textofanaries.wordpress.com


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