A Few Important Words About World Mental Health Day

mental-health-day-badge-h-180-100Today marks World Mental Health Day and the end of Mental Health Week in the UK. Both events strive to remove the stigma around mental health and raise awareness about the subtle and wide-reaching effects of mental conditions.

In line with these events, I would like to share with you an article I came across on the Internet about dealing with negative energy. Now you may ask what has that to do with mental well-being? Well for most part it is the daily onslaught of negativity that can push us over the edge.

Some of you may be sceptical of the words ‘negative energy’ but what we’re referring to here can also be viewed as daily obstacles & challenges and the negative thoughts these situation can bring about.

The article by The Power of Positivity highlights seven things you can do to help overcome the negative energy in your life. Personally I liked these 3:

  1. Focus on solutions: “Why focus on the solution? The answer is simple: you end up receiving more of what you focus on. With that basic principle in mind, it makes sense to focus on the solution rather than the negative energy and problems associated with it.” – In other words, stressing over something and ruminating over it will bring you no good. Instead focusing on a solution of whatever the problem / source of negative energy will not only make you feel in control but also keep your mind from exploding.
  2. Accept possibility and release expectation: “Happy people aren’t happy because bad things don’t happen to them, they are happy because they know how to handle the bad things better. Someone who is happy has similar challenges to those that are not happy. The difference is that they release expectation of what might happen, and focus to create their best possible situation – no matter whether it ends up good or bad.” – I could not have said it better. Sometimes we have to accept that life will deal us a bad hand and we just have to face the challenges it throws at us. We can’t expect life to always be good and easy (how boring, right? ok, just kidding!). It is possible that bad things will happen to us, just as they happen to other people.
  3. Show yourself compassion: “No matter how bad things get, remember that the negative energy around you isn’t always about you. While you are responsible for the energy you create, the burden of negative energy of others shouldn’t be carried on your shoulders. See the importance of this distinction, because if you can separate yourself from the negative energy of others, you can focus on getting to the heart of the matter logically, without allowing the emotion to latch onto you.” –  Now, I am notorious for beating myself up over failures / challenges in my life (“May be I should have said/done this?” etc. etc.) but sometimes we have to accept the fact that it’s not our fault. Making excuses for others and/or taking the fall for others will not get us very far. If you truly care for yourself you will have to remove yourself from the negative situation (mentally at least) and focus on finding practical solutions.

Finally it may be just a case of letting it go?

In the end, you have to do what is right for you and your mental well-being and overall happiness. It isn’t easy to let go of things that used to matter. When they aren’t serving your highest good anymore and possibly even harming you, what choice do you have?

To read the rest of the “7 Things to Remember When Negative Energy Surrounds You” article, please visit and smile 🙂

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