Motivation Tuesday: Abs Are Made in The Kitchen


So you have heard the famous saying that abs are made in the kitchen. And that is true – 70 to 80% of your health and fitness goals is achieved through nutrition, leaving a measely 20-30% for fitness. Yet one cannot work without the other. You can lose weight through dieting but you can’t change or tone  your body shape without exercise and vice versa.

Spending 1-2 hours working out in the gym is  easy. What we do (and especially eat!) during the remaining 22 hours is the hard part.

And that is why I mostly post about food and nutrition rather than fitness and exercise. But I do have to get those 20 -30% in, so here’s a quick and simple workout from one of my Pinterest boards: Find more like this at #bodybuilding #fitness #bodybuilder

Keep up the good work!

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