A personal story

Ah what a feeling to be writing again. The search for words, the blur of thoughts, the struggle of my fingers to keep up with my mind. So much to say, so much to learn, yet so little time.

It has been precisely two years and two days since I last wrote a post on my old blog. At the time I was in swept in football fever in Brazil, courtesy of my previous job. The days were hectic, the country too beautiful and inviting to waste any free time on sitting in front of a computer.

Then, as always, life got busy. Another event, another personal project, an overhaul in my training and diet and a sea of other obstacles. But what was worse was the feeling of having nothing to say, or if there was anything of not knowing how to start.

We all go through moments of self doubt and at the time I felt I had reached a point where I was not so sure of what I wanted to blog about (if anything at all). So I decided to take a break, perhaps find inspiration.

Fast forward a year and here I am, tapping away at my keyboard once again. But I am starting with a new purpose. In the past I tried to imitate other blogs or reader’s digest style articles and perhaps that is why I reached a dead end. Now I realise the importance of the personal touch.

Yet this is not a space for me to blabber on about what I ate for breakfast (although there will be food involved here, can’t help it!) or a dramatic account of my life’s events.

No, this is a space where we (yes, dear reader you and I) can go on a journey together. A journey in the search of inspiration and motivation to be the best we can be.

The main focus will be, as previously, on health and fitness with a dash of mental well-being tips and a sprinkling of self-deprecating humour.

Some of you have asked for advice, for motivation. Although by no means am I a qualified professional in any of those fields, I am happy to oblige with information from my personal insights and experience.

So get on board, fasten your seat belt and get ready for the ride of your life time! Together we shall discover the wonders of the human body, the secrets of good nutrition and the inspiration to keep us going strong.

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